Chekhov Shorts: The Witch

Title: The Witch Date Read: 03 January 2017 Word Count: 4678 Briefly: A storm rages around the estate church, and sexton Savély Gykin is convinced that his wife is to blame, in an attempt to lure men to their hut. Afterthoughts: An interesting … [Read more...]

Chekhov Shorts: Art

Title: Art Date Read: 03 January 2017 Word Count: 2230 Briefly: Preparations for Epiphany celebrations are under way, and as usual the peasant Seryozhka is his short-tempered and angry self. Afterthoughts: I rather enjoyed this quick peak … [Read more...]

Chekhov Shorts: Enemies

Title: Enemies Date Read: 19th November 2013 Briefly: Not five minutes after his only son passes away from illness, there's a knock at the door which stirs district doctor Kirilov from his grief. The visitor is Abogin. His wife has been taken … [Read more...]

Chekhov Shorts: Darkness

Title: Darkness Date Read: 19th November 2013 Briefly: Kirila is desperate to get his brother out of prison and so he tracks down the doctor in charge of the convict ward where his brother is convalescing, and begins to beg to the doctor's better … [Read more...]

Chekhov Shorts: The Beggar

Title: The Beggar Date Read: 11th June 2013 Briefly: Mad that the beggar Lushkov would lie to him to try and gain a handout, the lawyer Skvortsov insists that he earns money chopping wood for him. The plan works, and in no time Skvortsov notices a … [Read more...]

Chekhov Shorts: Frost

Title: Frost Date Read: 11th June 2013 Briefly: The town has organised a fete to coincide with the Feast of Epiphany. And while it may be 31 degrees below zero, the townsfolk are determined that it will still go ahead. Afterthoughts: … [Read more...]

Chekhov Shorts: Champagne

Title: Champagne Date Read: 12th February 2013 Briefly: The poor narrator feels down on his luck, but perhaps he has good reason. He works in a railway station fifteen miles from any other habitation, with his wife, a deaf telegraph clerk, and a … [Read more...]

Chekhov Shorts: Excellent People

Title: Excellent People Date Read: 21st February 2012 Briefly: The relationship between a 'literary man' and his sister becomes strained, when the sister begins to form views and beliefs that the brother doesn't agree with. Afterthoughts: I've … [Read more...]

Chekhov Shorts: Hush!

Title: Hush! Date Read: 21st February 2012 Briefly: Journalist Ivan Yegoritch returns home late one night, clearly frustrated at the writing task that lies ahead of him. Afterthoughts: An hilarious tale from Chekhov, which focuses on the theme of … [Read more...]

Chekhov Shorts: Dreams

Title: Dreams Date Read: 7th February 2012 Briefly: While tramping towards the district town, peasant constables Ptaha and Sapozhnikov get to know something of the person they're escorting - a tramp who doesn't look anything like a tramp, who's … [Read more...]