Costa Short Story Award 2013: And my vote goes to…

Well, I've had a blast reading through this year’s Costa Short Story Award shortlist. The journey has taken me among other places, from a logger’s camp in British Columbia to a sheep farm in Australia, via a basement workshop in Ireland and an … [Read more...]

Anton Chekhov on leaving judgement to the reader

Anton Chekhov is renowned for leaving many of his short stories open-ended, without offering any resolution or explanation to that which he has explored. Rather, he preferred to leave it up to the reader to bring about a judgement or a resolution … [Read more...]

Tasting the Edge Hill Short Story Prize 2013: Part 1

Wishing to do more around the Edge Hill Short Story Prize than simply report on it, I hit upon the idea of sampling each of the collections on this year's longlist. I do so to not only shine much needed light on an under featured prize, but also to … [Read more...]

Who’s going to win the Sunday Times EFG Private Bank Short Story Award 2013?

Well, this year's Sunday Times EFG Private Bank Short Story Award was announced a little earlier today, and being in the position of having read all of the shortlisted stories I thought I would offer an opinion on who I think is going to win the … [Read more...]

Adopting new system for reading short stories, and an outrageously ambitious reading project

As my desire to spread a passion for short fiction deepens and widens, I've been fretting these past few days over how long it takes me sometimes, to work my through a short story collection/anthology. Often I find myself lumbering my way through a … [Read more...]

If you only read one short story this week…

...then please make sure it's one from the Bloomsbury 'Year of the Short Story' Sampler (provided you haven't read it already of course), created to give a taste of each of the five collections that Bloomsbury are publishing during the first five … [Read more...]

Reading the short story: my most valuable tip

I used to adhere to a strict rule when reading short fiction - never read more than one or two stories in a single day. This was a rule I stuck doggedly to, because I felt that reading any more than this would cause everything to meld in the mind; … [Read more...]

Discussing The Guardian’s ‘Twelve Tales of Christmas’

With the launch of their Twelve Tales for Christmas (a series of special short story-flavoured podcasts which run from now until Christmas), how wonderful it is to see the Guardian showing so much reverence for the short story form, They’ve even gone … [Read more...]