And so it resumes….

Well, it’s been quite some time since my words last graced the virtual pages of this website. But here words are, and with them comes the affirmation that RobAroundBooks is back in business. A lot of water may have passed under the bridge since I … [Read more...]

Site News: Returning from silence, an apology

Dear all, Before I get back into a full-on posting schedule on RobAroundBooks, I feel I should say a little something about the past few months. I don’t usually go in for these ’navel gazing’ kind of posts - mainly because I consider them … [Read more...]

‘Shadowing’ the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize

So, you would have seen my post earlier today announcing this year's Independent Foreign Fiction Prize longlist? If you did then you might also have caught the hint I gave at the end of that post about having a special announcement to make? Well, … [Read more...]

Introducing Jelly Bibliophiles: Adventures in Book City

You know what's been missing from RobAroundBooks for a while (aside from regular posts of course)? FUN, that's what! I think it's all gotten a little humdrum and dull around here and it's time to get back to injecting a little humour around the … [Read more...]

Is RobAroundBooks turning short?

With all of the posts I've put up lately based around the theme of short fiction, I'm guessing that a good number of you are beginning to wonder if RobAroundBooks is slowly turning itself into focusing solely on this literary form? The answer is a … [Read more...]

Welcome back, to an almost new RobAroundBooks

Well folks, it's been a while hasn't it, but I decided that I'd had enough of running the best invisible website on the Internet (a title bestowed on me by a good Twitter friend - I can't remember who exactly), and it was time to put RobAroundBooks … [Read more...]

Site News: Scheduled downtime

Right, I know I said that from last week a normal blogging service will resume on RobAroundBooks, but I've decided that I'm going to take the site down within the next day or two - probably for the rest of the week, but hopefully less - in order to … [Read more...]

Introducing ‘Fifty-Two Friday’

Nobody was more delighted than me (probably) to find to out last week that Harper Perennial were taking their free short story portal, Fifty-Two Stories into a third year. With the focus in this new year being on the enigmatic single-word topic … [Read more...]

Site News: First step towards evolution

Happy New Year everyone! You may have noticed that RobAroundBooks was in maintenance mode yesterday, so I thought I'd fill you in. Basically I was fitting a new engine in the engine room in preparation for the fabled, eventual launch of … [Read more...]

RobAroundBooks is here to stay (and I’ve got you lot to thank for that)

Dear all, Well, it was a super-traumatic week for me last week as my spirit rose to the heavens at the start of the week, before crashing back down to earth again with a huge bang in the latter half. The actions of a few ‘disbelievers’ i.e. those … [Read more...]