Rob’s Book Review Pledge

Rob the literary evangelist reading

At RobAroundBooks I take my job of book reviewing seriously because I know with reviewing comes important responsibility – a responsibility to provide frank, honest and open opinions for anyone who may be reading my reviews, and especially those who visit this website. To ensure that I maintain the highest possible standards I have formulated a Book Review Pledge. This pledge not only lays out my review principles in full, but it also gives some indication as to the level of my integrity:

Rob’s Book Review Pledge

I hereby pledge that:

  • A book review will never be posted unless the book has been fully read from cover to cover, without skimming or skipping. It is impossible to offer a full and informed review based on a book that hasn’t been fully digested, and I don’t intend to try to disprove that fact.
  • Any book that I have agreed to review will be reviewed, and within a reasonable period of time, depending on other outstanding commitments.
  • Any opinion I offer on a book will be completely unbiased and fully of my own. As building a principle of trust means more to me than any material gain, my reviews will never be influenced by publisher incentive, author relations etc.
  • I will only review books that I have a particular interest in and typically, only from genres that I enjoy. Doing so ensures that my attention is held from the start, and I am able to avoid doing the author any disservice by reviewing a book that I have no initial interest in.
  • Every title will be reviewed on its own merit, and although an author’s success (or failure) with earlier titles may be noted, it will have no influence on the judgment of the title in review.
  • My reviews will gain as wide an audience as I can extend them to. So aside from posting my review on RobAroundBooks, I will also be posting an adapted review on social book sites such as GoodReads and LibraryThing and on retail sites (if accepted) such as Amazon UK and Waterstones.
  • No review or advance copies will ever be sold on for personal financial gain. is and always will be a non-commercial venture, where the only motivation is my passion for books and reading.

Robert J. Burdock BSc. MA.