100 ‘Shots of Short’ Reading Challenge

Welcome to the ‘hub page’ for the 100 Shots of Short Reading Challenge. The challenge is a simple one – no time limit, no specific titles, just the goal of reading 100 self-picked short stories as and when possible.

Below are the 100 short stories which I’ve chosen to read for this challenge. The first 49 in the selection are comprised of almost the entire short-story anthology – Great Short Stories of the English Speaking World (Vol.1), with the remaining choices coming from various other sources. I have purposely left a number of slots open, because experience has taught me that I usually discover additional choices as a challenge progresses, and I want to be able to accommodate these.

Once each story is read it becomes linked in the table to a mini-review page where I give a brief summary of each story, together with brief afterthoughts. As always, comments, questions and recommendations are warmly welcome.

CodeTitleAuthorDate ReadRatedLink
C001The Young Man From KalgoorlieH. E. Bates27-09-083/5[afterthoughts]
C002The Magic ShopH. G. Wells28-09-083/5[afterthoughts]
C003The RockpileJames Baldwin29-09-082/5[afterthoughts]
C004The Black MambaErnest Glanville30-09-081/5[afterthoughts]
C005The Pioneer Hep-CatJohn O'Hara03-10-082.5/5[afterthoughts]
C006Winter NightKay Boyle06-10-083.5/5[afterthoughts]
C007JellicoeR. S. Porteous07-10-084/5[afterthoughts]
C008The Lady or the Tiger?Frank Stockton09-10-083.5/5[afterthoughts]
C009The KeyEudora Welty10-10-082/5[afterthoughts]
C010The AccidentMavis Gallant12-10-083.5/5[afterthoughts]
C011O Fat White WomanWilliam Trevor16-10-083.5/5[afterthoughts]
C012The Short Happy Life of Francis MacomberErnest Hemingway17-10-084.5/5[afterthoughts]
C013A MotherJames Joyce08-11-082.5/5[afterthoughts]
C014The Haunted BoyCarson McCullers
C015The Most Dangerous GameRichard Connell
C016A Day in the CountryDan Jacobson
C017The Lumber-RoomSaki
C018Winter DreamsF. Scott Fitzgerald
C019HookWalter Van Tilburg Clark
C020The Desert FlowerOlaf Ruben
C021The ReunionMargaret Drabble
C022The Yellow WallpaperCharlotte Perkins Gilman
C023Second BestD. H. Lawrence
C024If Grant Had Been Drinking at AppomattoxJames Thurber
C025Night ClubKatharine Brush
C026The SilkJoy Cowley
C027ActionLen Deighton
C028Innocent PleasuresOlivia Manning
C029Barn BurningWilliam Faulkner
C030The Gentle ArtNadine Gordimer
C031Coroner's InquestMarc Connelly
C032Hotel Du CommerceElizabeth Taylor
C033The Magic BarrelBernard Malamud
C034Lamb to the SlaughterRoald Dahl
C035The Last Gas StationShirley Ann Grau
C036The Song of the NarranguyBrian James
C037The Music of Erich ZannH. P. Lovecraft
C038Her First FlightLiam O'Flaherty
C039Through the TunnelDoris Lessing
C040Christmas is a Sad Season for the PoorJohn Cheever
C041The Furnished RoomO. Henry
C042The Elephant's ChildRudyard Kipling
C043The Daemon LoverShirley Jackson
C044The Love PotionHerman Charles Bosman
C045LouiseW. Somerset Maugham
C046To Build a FireJack London
C047Mathieson's WifeVance Palmer
C048The CoffinUys Krige
C049I Can't BreatheRing Lardner
C050A Child on FireJan Balabán
C051Just Like Slicing an Old Tree Stump in TwoStanislav Beran
C052A Trip to the Train StationJáchym Topol
C053Unusual IncidentLajos Parti Nagy
C054Scary SantaSzilárd Podmaniczky
C055Ballad to My Typing TeacherMargit Halász
C056Moving HousePawel Huelle
C057Professor Andrews Goes to Warsaw: December 1981Olga Tokarczuk
C058More than Just a HouseDaniel Odija
C059The GameKarol D. Horváth
C060An Intricate Story (abridged)Márius Kopcsay
C061MoonmaidenUršul’a Kovalyk
C062The Missing StatuesSimon van Booy07-02-093/5[afterthoughts]
C063The Doctor Takes a WalkTony O'Neill08-02-094/5[afterthoughts]
C064Not Quite Joe MeekTony O'Neill08-02-094.5/5[afterthoughts]
C065Wish FulfillmentMary Gaitskill09-02-092/5[afterthoughts]
C066Burn Me UpTom Piazza02-02-093.5/5[afterthoughts]
C067Beauty Stolen From Another WorldLouise Erdrich13-02-093.5/5[afterthoughts]
C068The Sculptor’s FuneralWilla Cather21-02-092/5[afterthoughts]
C069Radical Adults Lick Godhead StylePeter Wild04-03-093/5[afterthoughts]
C070What Saffi KnewCarol Windley07-03-094.5/5[afterthoughts]
C071The Babysitter’s CodeLaura Lippman21-03-093.5/5[afterthoughts]
C072The Copy FamilyBlake Butler21-03-093/5[afterthoughts]
C073The Pace of YouthStephen Crane30-03-093.5/5[afterthoughts]
C074Year of the DogCasey Kait09-04-094/5[afterthoughts]
C075A House in the CountryThornton Wilder18-04-094/5[afterthoughts]
C076Telegraph DogMark Twain02-05-093.5/5[afterthoughts]
C077The Museum of WhatnotKevin Wilson03-05-094/5[afterthoughts]
C078Aesthetic DisciplineCarolyn Cooke18-05-093/5[afterthoughts]
C079The Model MillionaireOscar Wilde19-05-094/5[afterthoughts]
C080A Cloud of FactsMargot Livesey30-05-093/5[afterthoughts]
C081Looking for the ElephantJo Kyung Ran12-06-093/5[afterthoughts]
C082Graduate SeminarDennis Cooper13-06-094.5/5[afterthoughts]
C083ImmortalAlex Burrett28-06-094.5/5[afterthoughts]
C084Broken StarJennifer Haigh07-08-093/5[afterthoughts]
C085ProximityDiana Spechler07-08-093.5/5[afterthoughts]
C086SleepHaruki Marukami11-11-085/5[afterthoughts]
C087The Curious Case of Benjamin ButtonF. Scott Fitzgerald18-01-095/5[afterthoughts]
C088The Iron ShroudWilliam Mudford25-01-094.5/5[afterthoughts]
C089The ChrysanthemumsJohn Steinbeck27-02-095/5[afterthoughts]
C090A Passion in the DesertHonoré de Balzac17-04-094/5[afterthoughts]
C091Ma Perkins Comes to StayRay Bradbury07-08-094/5[afterthoughts]
C092Good GirlHolly Goddard Jones15-09-094/5[afterthoughts]
C093The Kitchen BoyAlaa Al Aswany15-09-094/5[afterthoughts]
C094If You Eat, You Never Die Tony Romano15-09-092.5/5[afterthoughts]
C095Beneath All that BoneJess Walter03-11-094/5[afterthoughts]
C096On The Weekends SometimesBen Greenman03-11-093.5/5[afterthoughts]
C0971647 Ocean Front WalkDan Fante04-11-095/5[afterthoughts]