Devouring De Maupassant

Bonjour mes amis and welcome to the ‘hub page’ for my Guy de Maupassant reading challenge!

I launched this challenge after falling in love with the nineteenth-century French writer. I read one of his stories – The Horla, and it moved me in ways that few writers ever have, and when I turned the final page of that novella, I made the resolution that I would take myself on a journey of Maupassant-themed discovery.

This ‘hub page’ represents the ‘road map’ for my ‘journey’, and it allows those who are interested to follow my progress. I very much hope you do follow me (or even better join me), because just as much as the reading itself, I’m really look forward to sharing my experiences, sharing my thoughts, and most of all – sharing my passion for one of the greatest writers who’s ever lived!

Below is a list of the stories which I’m reading for the Devouring De Maupassant Reading Challenge, and along with each story (once read), are details of dates read, ratings given and links to a mini-review. I should make it clear that although this story list is long, it is in no way definitive. I am working towards making it that way (it is after all a reading challenge with ‘devour’ in its title :)), and this i something I’m sure will progressively improve as time goes on (especially when all of you Maupassant connoisseurs put me on the right track).

As a starting point I used the Gutenburg version – Original Short Stories, Complete, Volumes 1-13 to compile my reading list, but I’m aware that there are discrepancies in this body of work i.e. short stories which are missing, or worse, short stories which have been accredited to the author but are not Maupassant in origin. This is another thing that I hope to rectify as much as possible, as time progresses.

CodeTitleDate ReadRatingReview
M001Boule de Suif
M002Two Friends22-03-094.5/5[afterthoughts]
M003The Lancer's Wife
M004The Prisoners04-05-094.5/5[afterthoughts]
M005Two Little Soldiers02-07-093/5[afterthoughts]
M006Father Milon03-05-094/5[afterthoughts]
M007A Coup D'Etat22-03-104/5[afterthoughts]
M008Lieutenant Lare's Marriage
M009The Horrible
M010Madame Parisse
M011Mademoiselle Fifi28-05-094.5/5[afterthoughts]
M012A Duel10-01-113.5/5[afterthoughts]
M013The Colonel's Ideas18-10-104/5[afterthoughts]
M014Mother Sauvage18-01-103.5/5[afterthoughts]
M016The Mustache18-10-104/5[afterthoughts]
M017Madame Baptiste12-09-113.5/5[afterthoughts]
M018The Question of Latin12-09-114/5[afterthoughts]
M019A Meeting12-12-114/5[afterthoughts]
M020The Blind Man22-11-104/5[afterthoughts]
M022A Family Affair01-02-104.5/5[afterthoughts]
M023Beside Schopenhaur's Corpse19-09-113.5/5[afterthoughts]
M024Miss Harriet19-09-114/5[afterthoughts]
M025Little Louise Roque03-05-104/5[afterthoughts]
M026The Donkey12-01-103.5/5[afterthoughts]
M028The Dispenser of Holy Water11-02-133.5/5[afterthoughts]
M029A Parricide
M031The Patron12-04-104/5[afterthoughts]
M032The Door
M033A Sale
M034The Impolite Sex
M035A Wedding Gift
M036The Relic
M037The Moribund
M038The Gamekeeper26-04-103/5[afterthoughts]
M039The Story of a Farm Girl08-02-104/5[afterthoughts]
M040The Wreck22-11-103.5/5[afterthoughts]
M041Theodule Sabot's Confession
M042The Wrong House17-01-112/5[afterthoughts]
M043The Diamond Necklace02-07-104/5[afterthoughts]
M044The Marquis de Fumerol
M045The Trip of Le Horla
M047The Wolf25-06-123.5/5[afterthoughts]
M048The Inn25-06-124/5[afterthoughts]
M049Monsieur Parent
M050Queen Hortense
M053Mademoiselle Pearl10-05-104/5[afterthoughts]
M054The Thief29-08-113/5[afterthoughts]
M055Clair de Lune29-08-114/5[afterthoughts]
M056Waiter, A "Bock"05-08-113.5/5[afterthoughts]
M059In The Spring08-03-104/5[afterthoughts]
M060 A Queer Night in Paris05-08-113/5[afterthoughts]
M061That Costly Ride13-05-094/5[afterthoughts]
M062Useless Beauty09-01-124/5[afterthoughts]
M063The Father09-01-123.5/5[afterthoughts]
M064My Uncle Sosthenes
M065The Baroness
M066Mother and Son10-04-173.5/5[afterthoughts]
M067The Hand10-04-173/5[afterthoughts]
M068A Tress of Hair30-01-124/5[afterthoughts]
M069On the River25-01-104/5[afterthoughts]
M070The Cripple30-01-123.5/5[afterthoughts]
M071A Stroll19-04-104/5[afterthoughts]
M073The Log
M074Julie Romain
M075The Rondoli Sisters
M076The False Gems
M078Yvette Samoris
M079A Vendetta
M080My Twenty-Five Days
M081"The Terror"22-07-094/5[afterthoughts]
M082Legend of Mont St. Michel06-02-123.5/5[afterthoughts]
M083A New Year's Gift
M084Friend Patience
M086The Maison Tellier03-07-094/5[afterthoughts]
M088My Wife
M089The Unknown
M090The Apparition
M092The Kiss
M093The Legion of Honor
M094The Test
M095Found on a Drowned Man
M096The Orphan
M097The Beggar12-01-104/5[afterthoughts]
M098The Rabbit20-02-122.5/5[afterthoughts]
M099His Avenger
M100My Uncle Jules
M101The Model
M102A Vagabond
M103The Fishing Hole03-05-104/5[afterthoughts]
M104The Spasm11-11-133.5/5[afterthoughts]
M105In the Wood31-05-104/5[afterthoughts]
M107All Over
M108The Parrot20-02-123.5/5[afterthoughts]
M109The Piece of String24-06-094.5/5[afterthoughts]
M111Madame Husson's "Rosier"
M112The Adopted Son15-02-104.5/5[afterthoughts]
M114Old Mongilet18-11-133.5/5[afterthoughts]
M116The First Snowfall06-02-123/5[afterthoughts]
M117Sundays of a Bourgeois
M118A Recollection
M119Our Letters11-11-134/5[afterthoughts]
M120The Love of Long Ago
M121Friend Joseph
M122The Effeminates
M123Old Amable
M124The Christening24-06-093/5[afterthoughts]
M125The Farmer's Wife
M126The Devil05-07-104.5/5[afterthoughts]
M127The Snipe
M128The Will
M129Walter Schnaffs' Adventure
M130At Sea
M132The Son
M133That Pig of a Morin02-07-093/5[afterthoughts]
M134Saint Anthony
M135Lasting Love
M137A Normandy Joke
M138Father Matthew
M139The Umbrella19-04-103.5/5[afterthoughts]
M140Belhomme's Beast
M142The Accursed Bread10-06-132/5[afterthoughts]
M143The Dowry
M144The Diary of a Madman
M145The Mask
M146The Penguins' Rock24-05-103/5[afterthoughts]
M147A Family
M149An Artifice
M151Simon's Papa25-01-102.5/5[afterthoughts]
M152The Child
M153A Country Excursion08-02-104.5/5[afterthoughts]
M155Rosalie Prudent10-05-103.5/5[afterthoughts]
M157A Sister's Confession
M159Dead Woman's Secret
M160A Humble Drama
M161Madamoiselle Cocotte
M162The Corsican Bandit
M163The Grave
M164Old Judas
M165The Little Cask
M167A Widow
M168The Englishman of Etretat
M170A Father's Confession
M171A Mother of Monsters
M172An Uncomfortable Bed
M173 A Portrait
M174The Drunkard
M175The Wardrobe
M176The Mountain Pool
M177A Cremation
M179Madame Hermet
M180The Magic Couch
M182Who Knows?23-07-094.5/5[afterthoughts]
M184Bed 2926-04-103.5/5[afterthoughts]
M185The Signal31-05-103/5[afterthoughts]
M186Love: Three Pages from a Sportsman's Notebook