Totally Fitzgerald: The Shorts

Totally Fitzgerald Welcome, you’ve reached the hub page for the short fiction element of my Totally Fitzgerald reading project. To fill you in briefly, I’m endeavouring to tick off all of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s published fiction and nonfiction, and as prolific writer of the form (mainly down to necessity rather than passion), short fiction features greatly.

My aim is to read and review all of Fitzgerald’s short fiction in published order, starting with the stories he created as a youth and ending with those published after his untimely death in 1940.

From this page you will be able to chart my progress through Fitzgerald’s short stories, and be able to go directly to any of my published reviews. If you’ve read any of the short stories I’ve reviewed and wish to pass comment then please do so on the relevant page. I look forward to discussing the stories with you.

In closing, I should add that this list of Fitzgerald’s short fiction was compiled with much help from Matthew J Bruccoli’s most excellent biography Some Sort of Epic Grandeur (University of South Carolina Press). There are many who have written about F. Scott Fitzgerald of course, but few have come close to matching the thorough and exhaustive efforts of Prof. Bruccoli.

Edit: Stories marked with ‘*’ are those brought together by Anne Margaret Daniel in I’d Die for You: And Other Lost Stories, a recent collection of eighteen stories all considered previously lost or abandonded.

TitleFirst PublishedDate ReadRatingReview
The Mystery of the Raymond MortgageOct 1909
Reade, Substitute Right HalfFeb 1910
A Debt of HonorMarch 1910
The Room with the Green BlindsJune 1911
A Luckless Santa ClausChristmas 1912
Pain and the Scientist1913
The Trail of the DukeJune 1913
Shadow LaurelsApril 1915
The Ordeal (retitled 'Benediction', in 1920)June 1915
The DebutanteJan 1917
The Spire and the GargoyleFeb 1917
Tarquin of CheepsideApril 1917
Babes in the WoodMay 1917
Sentiment-And the Use of RougeJune 1917
The Pierian Springs and the Last StrawOct 1917
Dalyrimple Goes WrongFeb 1920
Head and Shoulders21st Feb 1920
Myra Meets His Family20th Mar 1920
The Camel's Back24th April 1920
The Cut-Glass BowlMay 1920
Bernice Bobs Her Hair1st May 1920
The Ice Palace22nd May 1920
The Offshore Pirate29th May 1920
The Four FistsJune 1920
The SmilersJune 1920
May DayJuly 1920
The Jelly-BeanOct 1920
The Lees of Happiness12 Dec 1920
*The I.O.U.1920
His Russet WitchFeb 1921
Tarquin of CheapsideFeb 1921
The Far-seeing SkepticsFeb 1922
The Popular Girl11 Feb 1922
Two for a CentApril 1922
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button27 May 1922
The Diamond as Big as the RitzJune 1922
Winter DreamsDec 1922
Dice, Brass Knuckles and GuitarMay 1923
Hot & Cold BloodAug 1923
Gretchen's Forty Winks15 March 1924
Diamond Dick and the First Law of WomenApril 1924
The Third Casket31 May 1924
AbsolutionJune 1924
Rags Martin-Jones and the Pr-nce of W-lesJuly 1924
The Sensible Thing5 July 1924
The Unspeakable Egg12 July 1924
John Jackson's Arcady26 July 1924
The Baby PartyFeb 1925
The Pusher-in-the-FaceFeb 1925
Love in the Night14 March 1925
One of My Oldest FriendsSept 1925
The AdjusterSept 1925
A Penny Spent10 Oct 1925
Not in the GuidebookNov 1925
The Rich BoyJan 1926
Presumption9 Jan 1926
The Adolescent Marriage6 March 1926
The DanceJune 1926
Your Way and MineMay 1927
Jacob's Ladder20 Aug 1927
The Love Boat8 Oct 1927
A Short Trip Home17 Dec 1927
The Bowl21 Jan 1928
Magnetism3 March 1928
The Scandal Detectives28 April 1928
A Night at the Fair21 July 1928
The Freshest Boy28 July 1928
He Thinks He's Wonderful29 Sept 1928
Outside the Cabinet-Maker'sDec 1928
The Captured Shadow29 Dec 1928
The Perfect Life5 Jan 1929
The Last of the Belles2 March 1929
Forging Ahead 30 March 1929
Basil and Cleopatra27 April 1929
The Rough Crossing8 June 1929
Majesty13 July 1929
At Your Age17 Aug 1929
The Swimmers19 Oct 1929
Two Wrongs18 Jan 1930
First Blood5 April 1930
A Nice Quiet Place31 May 1930
The Bridal Party9 Aug 1930
A Woman with a Past6 Sept 1930
One Trip Abroad11 October 1930
A Snobbish Story29 Nov 1930
The Hotel Child31 Jan 1931
Babylon Revisited21 Feb 1931
Indecision16 May 1931
A New Leaf4 July 1931
Emotional Bankruptcy15 Aug 1931
Between Three and Four5 Sept 1931
A Change of Class26 Sept 1931
A Freeze-Out19 Dec 1931
Six of One-Feb 1932
Diagnosis20 Feb 1932
Flight and Pursuit14 May 1932
Family in the Wind4 June 1932
The Rubber Check6 Aug 1932
What a Handsome Pair!27 Aug 1932
Crazy SundayOct 1932
One Interne5 Nov 1932
*Nightmare (Fantasy in Black)1932
On Schedule18 March 1933
More Than Just a House24 June 1933
I Got Shoes23 Sept 1933
The Family Bus4 Nov 1933
*What to Do About It1933
No Flowers21 July 1934
New Types22 Sept 1934
In the Darkest HourOct 1934
Her Last Case3 Nov 1934
*Gracie at Sea1934
The FiendJan 1935
The Night Before ChancellorsvilleFeb 1935
Shaggy's MorningMay 1935
The Count of DarknessJune 1935
The Intimate StrangersJune 1935
The Passionate Eskimo8 June 1935
Zone of Accident13 July 1935
The Kingdom in the DarkAug 1935
*Travel Together1935/6
*I'd Die for You (The Legend of Lake Lure1935/6
*Day Off from Love1935/6
Fate in Her HandsApril 1936
Image on the Heart April 1936
Too Cute for Words18 April 1936
Three Acts of MusicMay 1936
The Ants at PrincetonJune 1936
Inside the House13 June 1936
An Author's MotherSept 1936
I Didn't Get OverOct 1936
Send Me In, CoachNov 1936
*Cyclone in Silent Land1936
*The Pearl and the Fur1936
*Thumbs Up1936
*Ballet Shoes (Ballet Slippers)1936
*Thank You for the Light1936
*Dentist Appointment1936/7
An Alcoholic CaseFeb 1937
Trouble6 March 1937
The Honor of the GoonJune 1937
The Long Way OutSept 1937
The Guest in Room NineteenOct 1937
In the HolidaysDec 1937
*Offside Play1937
Financing FinneganJan 1938
Design in PlasterNov 1939
The Lost DecadeDec 1939
Strange Sanctuary9 Dec 1939
*The Women in the House (Temperature)1939
*Salute to Lucy and Elsie1939
*Love Is a Pain1939/40
Pat Hobby's Christmas WishJan 1940
A Man in the WayFeb 1940
Boil Some Water - Lots of ItMarch 1940
Teamed with GeniusApril 1940
Pat Hobby and Orson WellsMay 1940
Pat Hobby's SecretJune 1940
The End of Hate22 June 1922
Pat Hobby, Putative FatherJuly 1940
The Homes of the StarsAug 1940
Pat Hobby Does His BitSept 1940
Pat Hobby's PreviewOct 1940
No Harm TryingNov 1940
A Patriotic ShortDec 1940
On the Trail of Pat HobbyJan 1941
Fun in an Artist's StudioFeb 1941
On an Ocean WaveFeb 1941 (as Paul Elgin)
Two Old-TimersMarch 1941
Mightier than the SwordApril 1941
Pat Hobby's College DaysMay 1941
The Woman from Twenty-OneJune 1941
Three Hours Between PlanesJuly 1941
Gods of DarknessNov 1941
The Broadcast We Almost Heard Last SeptemberFall 1947
News of Paris-Fifteen Years AgoWinter 1947
DiscardJan 1948
The World's FairAutumn 1948
Last Kiss16 April 1949
That Kind of PartySummer 1951
Dearly Beloved1969
Lo, the Poor PeacockSept 1971
On Your Own30 Jan 1979
*The Couplen.d.