Constellation of Genius: Agatha Christie’s THE SECRET ADVERSARY

Given how well read I like to think I am, it may come as a shock to some to hear that I’ve never once wandered the literary landscape of Agatha Christie (Gasp! Horror!). Sure, I know well enough of her literary output but I’ve never read any of her … [Read more...]

Afterthoughts: Dark Lies the Island by Kevin Barry

In a Nutshell: Dark Lies the Island is easily as good as Barry's debut collection There Are Little Kingdoms, and in some respects - mainly in terms of maturity - it's even better. I may have been worried going into this one thinking that I may have … [Read more...]

Afterthoughts: Scenes from Village Life by Amos Oz

In a Nutshell: A wonderfully engaging novel from Amos Oz, which explores to some depth the theme of loss and longing, and the eternal search to find that which cannot be found. If you're not a fan of the short form or the ambiguous novel then it … [Read more...]

Afterthoughts: The Secret Lives of People in Love by Simon Van Booy

In a Nutshell: The Secret Lives of People in Love is one of the most deeply absorbing and touching story collections I've ever read. Van Booy has an incredible ability to find beauty and insight in almost anything, and the way in which he turns those … [Read more...]

Afterthoughts: Burning Secret by Stefan Zweig

In a Nutshell: Written with pin sharp perception and translated by one of best in the business (Anthea Bell), Burning Secret is likely to give you one of your most incredible reading experiences ever. ***** A few years ago Vienna-born Stefan … [Read more...]

Afterthoughts: Extra Ordinary – Words by Supermundane

Produced by indy publishing house Present Joys, Extra Ordinary: Words by Supermundane (real name Rob Lowe), is a publication that certainly rings true to its name. Contained within a 20 page booklet are 55 ‘micro dramas’, which are probably best … [Read more...]

Afterthoughts: The House of the Mosque by Kader Abdolah

In a Nutshell: Once read never forgotten, The House of the Mosque is one of these rare titles that both nurtures the soul and informs at the same time. It’s perfect for those wishing to learn a little about one of Iran’s most tumultuous periods, … [Read more...]

Afterthoughts: Bequest by Anna Shevchenko

In a Nutshell: The prospect of reading a thriller based upon the musty files of a Soviet archive may not sound too enthralling, but Bequest ends up being a sophisticated and clever debut novel, from an equally sophisticated and clever writer. Well … [Read more...]

Afterthoughts: ‘Killer’ by Dave Zeltserman

In a Nutshell: Superbly written with a real twist in the tale, Killer is a novel which will appeal to lovers of crime fiction and the general readers alike. As a reader who usually ‘crosses the road’ to get away from crime fiction, Zeltserman has … [Read more...]

Afterthoughts: ‘Pretty Monsters’ by Kelly Link

In a Nutshell: This may be one of the most imaginative and freshest story collection that you’re ever likely to read. The theme and resonance of the stories makes it more suited to the young adult, but there is no reason why anyone and everyone over … [Read more...]