Robservations addendum: Tesson adds strength to the notion of ‘overreading’

In a kind of addendum to my “Robservations” essay in which I suggest with the help of nineteenth-century German philosopher Schopenhauer and French philosopher and spiritual writer, Antonin-Gilbert Sertillanges that reading too many books is bad for … [Read more...]

‘Collecting Nature’ by Anne Fadiman

Story Title: 'Collecting Nature' by Anne Fadiman. Source: At Large and At Small (Allen Lane) Date Read: 25th January 2011 Afterthoughts: In this somewhat lengthy essay, Fadiman takes the reader into the world of childhood entomology, where in her … [Read more...]

Reading Journal: Remainder of Week 10 2010

So how did my reading for the remainder of last week go then? Well to be honest not awfully well. Distraction and procrastination seemed to rule supreme in what turned out to be a rather odd, and lightening quick end to the week. I really need to … [Read more...]

Reading Journal: Monday 8th March 2010

First of all, Hi! It's been a couple of weeks since I've had the pleasure of scribing a journal entry, and during that time I've read a number of bits and pieces - not as much as I normally would because the focus has been more on getting … [Read more...]

Reading Journal: Monday 15th February 2010

So thankfully I’m back into the full swing of reading again and I managed to keep up with everything I’d prescribed for myself yesterday - yay! With it being Monday the first reading assignment was getting through my Maupassant shorts, and first up … [Read more...]

Reading Journal: Remainder of Week 6 2010

Well what a frustrating week last week turned out to be, at least reading-wise. A former client phoned up on Wednesday night looking for their online catalogue to be updated, and so I spent the remainder of last week doing just that, together with … [Read more...]

Reading Journal: Monday 8th February 2010

Oh dear what a day I had yesterday. I decided rather spontaneously that I was finally going to get around to upgrading my computer systems to OSX Leopard. Everything went fine (fingers crossed) but all of my time was just eaten up. That said I did … [Read more...]

Reading Journal: Summary for remainder of Week 5 2010

I know it’s coming terribly late in the day (blame all of the upgrading I’ve been doing on my computer systems today), but I thought it would still be worthwhile just tying up a few loose ends with regards to my reading the end of last week. With … [Read more...]

Forethoughts: The Education of a British-Protected Child by Chinua Achebe

And so I come to The Education of a British-Protected Child, a book penned by one of the real icons of African literature, Nigerian Chinua Achebe. Recently published in the UK on the 12th January 2010 by Allen Lane (an imprint of Penguin), this new … [Read more...]