‘Shadow’ Independent Foreign Fiction Prize 2012 shortlist revealed

If you've been following my activities over the past month or so (both here, and on Twitter), then you'll know that I've been busying myself with serving on a 'shadow jury' for this year's Independent Foreign Fiction Prize. The brain child of … [Read more...]

Independent Foreign Fiction Prize 2012 longlist revealed

The longlist for this year's Independent Foreign Fiction Prize was announced early today, revealing another diverse selection of globe-spanning titles which have been translated into the English language. Topping this year's selection is Haruki … [Read more...]

Rafik Schami features in new Words Without Borders edition

Words Without Borders have posted the August edition of their online magazine. This month sees a continuation of their 'Arab Spring' theme, which focuses on literature from the countries involved in the Middle Eastern uprisings. This month's … [Read more...]

Afterthoughts: Burning Secret by Stefan Zweig

In a Nutshell: Written with pin sharp perception and translated by one of best in the business (Anthea Bell), Burning Secret is likely to give you one of your most incredible reading experiences ever. ***** A few years ago Vienna-born Stefan … [Read more...]

Reading Journal: Thursday 6th May 2010

Before I go on to give you a rundown on my reading for Thursday 6th May, I should declare that I'm writing this on Saturday 8th, a full day later than when I should be writing it up, and indeed posting it. I'm sure you know what it like though fellow … [Read more...]

Reading Journal: Wednesday 5th May 2010

Would it shock you to know that it's been almost eight months since I last read an Edgar Allan Poe story for my iPoe reading challenge? Well, desperate to make amends for this shortfall, I set about reserving Wednesday as my Poe day, when I tick off … [Read more...]

Reading Journal: Tuesday 4th May 2010

Today I may have wallowed in the place I love to be - totally immersed in a world of words - but it ended being a very busy day of reading. That's not a complaint of course because I'm never happier than when I'm drowning in books. And if anything … [Read more...]

‘Book Bites’ for Tuesday 10th March 2010

American Book Review's Top 40 Bad Books - There's an interesting run down in the latest edition of American Book Review, on what is considered to be the 40 worst books in American literature. It's hard enough to define what makes a bad book at the … [Read more...]