Afterthoughts: Various Authors

In a Nutshell: I find it difficult to comprehend that this is a debut anthology from a new publisher; a publisher who not so long ago was nothing more than a 'simple' book blogger. Rod Redman has put together a short story anthology here that's … [Read more...]

Afterthoughts: Me and You by Niccolò Ammaniti

In a Nutshell: While this may be the shortest novel that Niccolò Ammaniti has published to date, it's no less powerful than any of his other works of fiction. Containing all of the signature themes that have made Ammaniti the stand out storyteller … [Read more...]

Afterthoughts: Scenes from Village Life by Amos Oz

In a Nutshell: A wonderfully engaging novel from Amos Oz, which explores to some depth the theme of loss and longing, and the eternal search to find that which cannot be found. If you're not a fan of the short form or the ambiguous novel then it … [Read more...]

Afterthoughts: There Are Little Kingdoms by Kevin Barry

In a Nutshell: If you're looking for a sharp, witty and entertaining look at the more marginal side of life on the Emerald Isle, then you won't go far wrong in picking up this collection. With There Are Little Kingdoms Kevin Barry shows himself to be … [Read more...]

Forethoughts: Various Authors

NOTE: My final afterthoughts on this anthology have now been posted. It's not often that a short story anthology comes in to my hands and I have a warm and endearing attraction to it even before I begin reading it, but with this one - Various … [Read more...]

Afterthoughts: The Secret Lives of People in Love by Simon Van Booy

In a Nutshell: The Secret Lives of People in Love is one of the most deeply absorbing and touching story collections I've ever read. Van Booy has an incredible ability to find beauty and insight in almost anything, and the way in which he turns those … [Read more...]

Afterthoughts: Burning Secret by Stefan Zweig

In a Nutshell: Written with pin sharp perception and translated by one of best in the business (Anthea Bell), Burning Secret is likely to give you one of your most incredible reading experiences ever. ***** A few years ago Vienna-born Stefan … [Read more...]

Afterthoughts: Extra Ordinary – Words by Supermundane

Produced by indy publishing house Present Joys, Extra Ordinary: Words by Supermundane (real name Rob Lowe), is a publication that certainly rings true to its name. Contained within a 20 page booklet are 55 ‘micro dramas’, which are probably best … [Read more...]

Afterthoughts: A Life Apart by Neel Mukherjee

In a Nutshell: Despite suffering slightly from being overambitious in its scope, this is a stunning debut novel from Neel Mukherjee - one which throbs with poetic and cultural resonance. And so I’ve come to the end of what has been something of a … [Read more...]

Afterthoughts: The House of the Mosque by Kader Abdolah

In a Nutshell: Once read never forgotten, The House of the Mosque is one of these rare titles that both nurtures the soul and informs at the same time. It’s perfect for those wishing to learn a little about one of Iran’s most tumultuous periods, … [Read more...]