‘Book Bites’ for Wednesday 17th February 2010

Best Translated Book Award shortlists announced - Those interested in works-in-translation may like to know that the shortlist for this year’s Best Translated Book Awards (BTBA) has been announced. The winner will be announced on March 10th. Full … [Read more...]

Valentine Competition: And the winner is….

Well, good evening to everyone on this loved up Valentine's evening. You may remember me running a giveaway competition earlier this week to win a copy of the book you see pictured on the left - Canongate's recently published anthology of Scottish … [Read more...]

Valentine Competition: Win a copy of ‘A Red Rose or a Satin Heart’

Well it's only a couple days until that little naked man starts running around the place shooting arrows at everyone. No I'm not talking about Rob on some homicidal rampage here (I wouldn't need arrows because the shock of seeing me naked would kill … [Read more...]

Afterthoughts: The House of the Mosque by Kader Abdolah

In a Nutshell: Once read never forgotten, The House of the Mosque is one of these rare titles that both nurtures the soul and informs at the same time. It’s perfect for those wishing to learn a little about one of Iran’s most tumultuous periods, … [Read more...]

Reading Journal: Tuesday 2nd February 2010

So last Friday (29th) saw the 150th anniversary of Anton Chekhov’s birth. I had wanted to do something special on the day, but alas, time was my greatest enemy. Thankfully, for now, I’m keeping up with my Chekhov Tuesday’s and at least dipping a … [Read more...]

Reading Journal: Monday 1st February 2010

The fact that I now set aside particular days for the reading of particular authors is really working out for me. Not only does it allow me to make slow and steady progress through the multitude of reading projects I set myself, but it also gives me … [Read more...]

Reading Journal: Summary for remainder of Week 4 2010

And so a new month commences and it always feels like a fresh new beginning to me - a slate wiped clean, new reading prospects laying ahead. But before I move on to those new reading prospects myself, I need to finish talking about the old ones first … [Read more...]

Reading Journal: Thursday 28th January 2010

Wow, it's amazing what a difference a day makes when it comes to reading. If you caught up with my journal entry for yesterday then you will know that Wednesday didn't turn out to be one of my best days reading-wise, with the only saving grace being … [Read more...]

Reading Journal: Tuesday 26th January 2010

Yet another busy but interesting reading day at RobAround Manor. Tuesdays can only mean Chekhov around here, and taking another step towards completing my Checkin' Off the Chekhov Shorts reading challenge. So I began the day with two Chekhovian short … [Read more...]

Reading Journal: Monday 25th January 2010

Well it was kind of a mixed day of reading yesterday. I began with a read through of the two Maupassant shorts that I’d scheduled for myself from the Oxford University Press collection, A Day in the Country and Other Stories. The first story was Out … [Read more...]