(Almost) Daily Bookshot: Foiled Fitzgerald

Foiled Fitzgerald, originally uploaded by Robert Burdock. I recently received this delicious object from my daughter as a Christmas present, and it is one of the finest looking books I've ever had pleasure of owning. For those who don't know, … [Read more...]

Cover Love: The (RED) series from Penguin Classics

If you follow my Cover Love series then you would know that I have a bit of a thing for typography-based cover designs. In the past I've praised the virtues of the 'Art of the Novella' series from Melville House, hailed the glory that is the Faber … [Read more...]

Daily BookShot: Texture and Geometry

Texture and Geometry, originally uploaded by Robert Burdock. Title shown is from a range of Penguin Classics released exclusively for Waterstones, with cover designs by one of my favourite cover artists - Coralie Bickford-Smith. … [Read more...]

On My Shelves: Sisterly ‘book love’

During that crazy time called Christmas I’d forgotten to post about on a batch of books I'd added to my shelves; books that were only able to come to me thanks to the generosity of both of my sisters-in-law. So I’m using the return of my weekly … [Read more...]

Introducing ‘Cover Love’ – a new series on RobAroundBooks

Coming within a couple of hours of this introduction will be the first post in a new series I’m bringing to RobAroundBooks called 'Cover Love'. It’s a series which focuses on that emotional desire which is inherent in all bibliophiles - the lust for … [Read more...]

Coralie Bickford-Smith spoils us, again…grrr!!

While I was in Waterstones (Edinburgh) a couple of Saturday's ago, I noticed a new redesigned range of hardback classics on one of their end displays. The range is really something to behold (errr..and hold). Sumptuous in look and velvety in texture … [Read more...]