Windham Campbell Prizes: The Art of the Essay

Windham Campbell Prizes have kindly made available a recent 'Art of the Essay' panel discussion, recorded at their 2015 Festival, featuring three leading contemporary essayists (and two of my favourites). The discussion between Anne Fadiman, John … [Read more...]

Sacrebleau! It’s Five Dials No. 8: The Paris Issue

It may only have been just over a week ago since Hamish Hamilton unleashed edition No.7 of their Five Dials magazine into the big wide world (web), but yesterday (Sunday 27th September) they launched Five Dials No.8, and this one has a distinctly … [Read more...]

Reading Journal: Friday 31st July 2009

07:30 - Keeping up my daily ‘ticking off’ of the Ox Tales four volume short story collection, I read the next story in line in Ox-Tales: Fire (Profile Books), written by Geoff Dyer, which isn’t a story at all but rather a nice little essay. Titled … [Read more...]