‘Book Bites’ for Wednesday 4th March 2015

'Which Books Do You Read Over and Over Again?' - I'm a huge advocate for rereading (especially short stories), and so it's nice to stumble across a discussion on the New York Times website that covers this very topic. During the course of the article … [Read more...]

Knockout bookstores around the globe

Coming courtesy of her friend Josh, Ann Kingman over at Books on the Nightstand links to a very nice article entitled Most Interesting Bookstores of the World, which shows a few select images of some of the world's more unusual and/or interesting … [Read more...]

BookShelf of the Week: Shakespeare and Company Bookshop

Ok so it's not strictly somebody's personal bookshelves, and the picture itself is a composite, but I absolutely adore this glimpse into this world famous Parisian bookshop. This is the bookshop that Hemingway devotes a chapter to, in his 1920's … [Read more...]

CJ Levinson: ‘books that have changed my life’

In celebration of the launch of his 'modern classics' blog (which is well worth a visit) Sydney-based writer CJ Levinson (who is also the son of former Reader of the Week Kathleen), has compiled an excellent series post on his primary blog, on the … [Read more...]