‘Book Bites’ for Tuesday 16th May 2017

In The Footsteps of Marcel Proust - It's somewhat befitting that director William Friedkin in this piece for the New York Times mentions devouring everything he can find on Marcel Proust, because ever since I took Monsieur P. into my heart, I've had … [Read more...]

‘Book Bites’ for Wednesday 24th June 2009

Extra! Extra! 100 years of 100-year-old British papers now online - I caught this news on Jacket Copy last Friday but forgot to pass it on. The good old British Library have launched a web portal in which one can explore 100 years of British … [Read more...]

‘Book Bites’ for Thursday 7th May 2009

Harper Collins make a daily feature of their backlist - Here’s a nifty idea from Harper Collins - a new website that focuses solely on titles from their back catalogue. Simply called BACK•LIST the new site will, in their own words, “feature an … [Read more...]