Afterthoughts: Various Authors

In a Nutshell: I find it difficult to comprehend that this is a debut anthology from a new publisher; a publisher who not so long ago was nothing more than a 'simple' book blogger. Rod Redman has put together a short story anthology here that's … [Read more...]

Forethoughts: Various Authors

NOTE: My final afterthoughts on this anthology have now been posted. It's not often that a short story anthology comes in to my hands and I have a warm and endearing attraction to it even before I begin reading it, but with this one - Various … [Read more...]

Rob’s Reader of the Week: Rob Redman

Rob’s Intro: I'm sure the Book Gods must shine on me rather favourably because I've been able to feature some really special readers on my Reader of the Week feature, and this week is no exception. In the booklight for the next seven days is Rob … [Read more...]