READING… by candlelight

‘READING..’ is a new feature that I’m bringing to RobAroundBooks in which I explore the very act of reading, and the ways in which the experience can be enhanced and enriched. In the first of this series I’m looking at reading by candlelight, and the … [Read more...]

Reading Journal: Friday, 3rd January 2014

This reading journal feature on RobAroundBooks has been a thorn in my side since the beginning. How so? Well, I’ve never really been happy with how I present it to you. I’ve um-ed and ah-ed over format and frequency forever now, and I’ve never been … [Read more...]

Typing my way to the heart of Joseph Mitchell

It's something of a coincidence that Joseph Mitchell was featured in the Guardian at the weekend (and most gloriously may I add), because not less than a week ago I finally took receipt of a 1992 first edition hardback copy of Mitchell's finest … [Read more...]

Costa Book Awards get ‘shorted’. A cause for celebration?

So, the headline news at the Costa Book Awards ceremony in London last night may have been the (deserved) victory of Andrew Miller who took the title of Costa Book of the Year with his novel Pure (Sceptre), but the bigger news for me - and every … [Read more...]

Daily Bookshot: Evangelising Joseph Mitchell

Evangelising Joseph Mitchell, originally uploaded by Robert Burdock. Now anyone who knows me, or reads RobAroundBooks on a regular basis, would know I have absolute reverence for John Steinbeck (I even named my dog after him for God sakes :)). … [Read more...]

Daily Bookshot: Through the Congo

Through the Congo, originally uploaded by Robert Burdock. Isn't it peculiar how readers go through themes? It was only last week I was literarily darting all over Italy, and today, having started reading Chris Abani's Song For Night, I also find … [Read more...]