‘Book Bites’ for Tuesday 16th May 2017

In The Footsteps of Marcel Proust - It's somewhat befitting that director William Friedkin in this piece for the New York Times mentions devouring everything he can find on Marcel Proust, because ever since I took Monsieur P. into my heart, I've had … [Read more...]

‘Book Bites’ for Monday 11th February 2013

Sylvia Plath reads Lady Lazurus - On this, the 50th anniversary of Sylvia Plath's death, the Open Culture website points to a 1962 BBC recording of Plath reading her poem, Lady Lazurus. The 50 most influential books by women? - On the Guardian … [Read more...]

Daily Bookshot: He who hesitates…

He who hesitates..., originally uploaded by Robert Burdock. ..is not always lost (thank heavens)! Yesterday I spied a decent 2nd-hand copy of Virginia's Woolf's 'To the Lighthouse' at a local bookshop, but for whatever reason I didn't pick it … [Read more...]

[Sunday Salon] : First-class reading advice from Virginia Woolf

Typical for yesterday afternoon, I was sitting at home flicking through the ‘review’ section of the Saturday Guardian (that’s the ‘bookish’ flavoured bit for those who don’t know), when I stumbled across a ‘rare’ reprint of Virginia Woolf’s essay … [Read more...]